A. Chambers, A. Stringfellow, B. Luo, S. Underwood, T. Allard, I. Johnston, S. Brockman, L. Shing, A. Wollaber, and C. Vandam. Automated Business Process Discovery from Unstructured Natural-Language Documents. In International Conference on Process Mining, 2020. (PDF)

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J.M. Sierchio, J. Birge, S. Brockman, et al. Deep Learning for Space Object Identification. In AFRL Space Situational Awareness Conference (SSA), 2018. (Not publicly released; DoD conference)

Other papers

Note: The names of collaborators of non-published works are redacted for privacy

Undergraduate honors thesis: Precluding Discriminatory Behavior in Intelligent Tutoring Systems (PDF)

Final project for advanced NLP class: Measuring Embedding Efficacy in Capturing Review Contents (PDF)

Final project for neural nets class: Measuring Sentiment Preservation in Neural Language Models (PDF)

Regression project for a statistics class: Regression Analysis: Hospital-Acquired Infections (PDF)

Short paper on the pseudo-arclength continuation method, and its code in matlab (PDF)